Carnet d'instructions Type AB & AC

Minerva's for sale

The Southward Car Museum needs to make space for some new exhibits, and are offering 2 unrestored Minervas and 2 engines for tender. 1914 MINERVA…

Booklet 1296 Models

Maintenance manual 12HP 6 cylinders

I've added a maintenance manual for a 12HP 6 cylinder car (AH, AN, AO or AS) to the library.

Airport Service

Derek Wilson picking up Bill Sides in his 1913 Minerva Type DD from the airport in Cork, Ireland.

Best Wishes

Little Improvements

I have made little improvements to the website. The website is now running on the Zend Framework. All cars have pictures again and added one…

New Website

We have launched the new website today. The new site has been completely redesigned. We will add more content and features in the upcoming…